Augurk, living documentation on your own terms


living documentation on your own terms


Augurk is an open-source living documentation system created especially to increase the value of your Gherkin feature files. For existing feature files, Augurk provides an accessible, easy-to-use overview of all the scenarios describing the features of your application(s).

But Augurk does more than just improve the readability of features written in plain Gherkin syntax. Augurk also helps you to enrich your documentation by using features specifically designed to help you bridge the often perceived gap between specification and documentation.

Key Features

Gherkin tables can easily be collapsed

Collapsing tables

Markdown embedded in Gherkin feature files are beautifully rendered in Augurk

Markdown support

Organising your Gherkin feature files is really simple with Augurk

Organising features

When doing Specification By Example you might have in progress features.

Not implemented tag

Product pages allow you to add additional documentation on top of your SbE scenario's

Product pages

Augurk is open source, so new features can quickly be added

More coming soon!


Augurk is greatly influenced by Relish and Pickles. While Relish is a great SaaS application, it requires you to publish your documentation to the cloud. While this is not an issue when your sources live in the cloud as well, in other cases it is often still preferable to keep the documentation within the corporate intranet.
This leaves Pickles. Although Pickles adresses the cloud issue (it was designed for that purpose), it has some short-comings of its own. Pickles generates a neat (Dynamic)HTML website for each project/solution you require it to. It does, however, not incorporate these. This means not only will you get a website for each solution, you can multiply your number of websites with the number of branches or products you maintain simultaneously.

Augurk has been designed to address exactly these issues. It allows you to publish your features from multiple solutions and branches to a single location, providing you with a single access-point for all your documentation. While Augurk is based upon the same principles as Pickles, it has been rebuild completely from the ground-up, allowing Augurk to provide all the same functionality but simultaneously improving and extending it where necessary.